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Timber Wolf Damascus Cleaver Butcher Knife


A cut above the rest, our largest best selection of Cleavers.

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  • Isn’t a cleaver just for the kitchen?
    No! A cleaver has definitely come out of the kitchen over the past years. We have modern tactical, mini camping and even folding cleavers.
  • What else can a cleaver be used for other than hacking meat?
    “Hacking” is the keyword. A cleaver is a very efficient chopping and hacking tool for just about anything. The wide blade with its downward angled tip, coming from a straight spine, gives it the momentum and weight it needs to perform.
  • The blade is so big, can a cleaver be full-tang?
    Definitely, a majority of our cleavers are full-tang with a tang that extends all the way to the end of the handle.