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M48 Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves


Tactical Gloves that protects from any angle.

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We have a variety of tactical Gloves, designed to protect your hands, that are perfect for law enforcement, security guards and military personnel. We have styles that will add power to your punch or protect your hands from cuts, in full and half-finger designs.


  • What kind of gloves do you have?
    We carry gloves that are suitable for tactical and law enforcement wear, motorcycle maintenance and riding and for cold weather.
  • What are cut-resistant gloves?
    Cut-resistant gloves are worn to protect the hands from sharp materials, tools and blades. The gloves can be made from a variety of materials including metal mesh, polyamide (synthetic nylon fiber), Dyneema (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) and Kevlar (synthetic aramid fiber). It’s important to note that they are not completely cut-proof.
  • What are your law enforcement gloves like?
    Our law enforcement gloves, which come in full and half-fingered design, feature polyurethane plates that cover the fingers and knuckles, giving both power and protection. The gloves are made of leather and nylon mesh.