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A grand collection of Hunting Knives.

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No collection is complete without a reliable hunting knife. Useful for preparing game, the hunting knife also comes in handy when starting fires, repairing gear and meeting general survival needs. carries the best folding and fixed hunting knives (along with hunting knife sets), keeping you well-armed from the hunting ground to home.


  • What’s the advantage of owning a hunting knife?
    A good, solid hunting knife, like the ones that we carry, will assist you in any tasks that come up when you’re hunting. Whether you’re preparing game or starting a fire, the blade will be up to the challenge and the elements year after year.
  • Do you have any folding hunting knives? I don’t want to wear a knife in a sheath.
    We have a couple of pocket knives that will perform any task that a fixed blade hunting knife will perform.
  • What brand of hunting knives do you have in stock?
    We have hunting knives from brands including Timber Wolf, Schrade, Hibben Knives and Ridge Runner.