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  • How long has Musha Swords been around?
    Legendary Musashi Swords, with a decade’s long history of excellence, presents its Musha Swords line, a collection inspired by the “musha shugyo,” which is a warrior’s pilgrimage. The Musha collection uses 1045 high carbon steel to provide uncompromising functionality without compromising cost. This allows them to present durable and sharp swords at a reasonable value for those just beginning their “musha shugyo”.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    A wide range of katanas are readily available in the Musha Collection to hone your fighting skills. From novice to intermediate practitioners this collection has a katana to fit your particular form and style. These swords offer functional, battle ready blades at the fraction of a price of a custom built hand-made sword. Musha katanas are also available in shirasaya form and ninjato form, a straight blade katana.
  • What kind of products from Musha Swords do you have?
    From Musha Swords collection, we carry a selection of katanas, shirasayas and sword sets.