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A large variety of unique knives.

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We have so many unique and ground-breaking knives that it is sometimes difficult to classify them and put them into a category. Here, you will find a collection of cutlery that just cannot be defined due to the sheer diversity of its pieces. You can find ulu knives, belt buckle knives, lighter case pocket knives, hobby knives and sushi knives – to name a few. always looks for the most interesting cutlery to give its customers a virtually unending selection of products to purchase.


  • What types of knives are in this category?
    The knives in this category are a collection of unique knives that are non-traditional designs. You’ll find some of the most interesting cutlery you’ve ever seen.
  • What kind of non-traditional designs do you carry?
    We have knives that are shaped like actual bullets, folding trench knives and credit card knives, to name a few.
  • What are the bullet knives like?
    Each of our bullet knives is a pocket knife where the blade folds into an accurate replica of a bullet including the A-10 Warthog, 30-06, .44 Magnum and even a 12-gauge shotgun shell.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Robert

    i was debating on buying thinking it was to thin for what in need it boy was i wrong the price was worth it also i got it to cut leather with it didn't take long to put a good sharp edge on it it keeps it don't need to keep resharpening it heave made as well great great ulu thank you for a great product Terry McL

    Review of: Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife And Leather Sheath
  • Jason

    Just got my second months Package and loved both months. My son saw my knives and got a subscription as well. Gives me something to look forward to every month.

    Review of: Knife of the Month Club
  • Matt

    This Blade is Phenomenal, I love it so much and it is a fantastic piece added to my collection!!

    Review of: M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife with Custom Vortec Sheath
  • Jeffrey

    Very well made and completely stealthy. You will never guess someone has one on them until they tell you.

    Review of: Ridge Runner Black Belt With Hidden Knife