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A slingshot, if used properly, can be the ultimate survival weapon. It can be used for hunting, fishing, self-defense and, in a pinch, you never know when you might need the heavy-duty plastic tubing it has.

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Top Customer Reviews

  • slemieux (vernon ct) - nice little shooter

    Great little slingshot, mine doesn't look exactly like the one pictured but the slots u squeeze the band threw are smaller and seems safer.. I carry it with me everywhere I go. very accurate and fun to play with.. has good power to when I shot an unopened soda can it blew out the whole side.. I recommend everyone has at least one in there B.O.B..

    Review of: Trailblazer® Slingshot with 6pcs Steel Ball
  • Dalton Champion (Pearland, TX) - short range great beginner

    Okay I always thought slingshots weren't that interesting but my friend convinced me to try one out so of course budk is the way to get a great weapon at a small price. I picked this up and instantly hit every target I aimed at, its a powerfull little deal hurts your hand a bit when you just get it but you get used to it. I say its short range because its a small band that you shoot with which is perfect for a backyard practice slingshot the molding is pretty uncomfortable but again you get used to it. Recently after buying this slingshot I bought the barnett diablo(you can read my comment about that) but no matter how many other slingshots I buy I'll always carry this one along with it its amazing cheap powerfull and easy to use what else can you ask for thanks budk for a great first slingshot.

    Review of: Sling Shot