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  • How long has Timber Rattler Knives been around?
    Launching their line of leading-edge knives in 2005, Timber Rattler Knives has set a standard of excellence that raises the bar for their competitors. True craftsmanship and using the highest quality materials are what make them the top of the line in today’s market.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    Timber Rattler Knives has an offering that includes both fixed blade and pocket knives, using premium materials like genuine camel bone, tough hardwood, genuine buffalo horn and exotic heartwood with Damascus steel, Fire Kissed carbon steel and stainless steel blades.
  • What kind of products from Timber Rattler do you have?
    From Timber Rattler Knives, we have a selection of bowie knives, skinner knives, hunting knives, machetes and lockback pocket knives.