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  • How long has Trailblazer been around?
    When it comes to outdoors and survival gear, you just can’t trust your life to any old brand that you find online. Trailblazer, since 2010, has been committed to offering quality products that will fulfill any desire for an outdoor experience.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    From solar chargers to portable camping stoves, Trailblazer produces products for those who have a genuine passion for the outdoors. Their superior line of merchandise begins with premium materials that allow them to build exceptional products for exceptional people.
  • What kind of products from Trailblazer do you have?
    With so many products offered by this brand, you have a variety of options to choose from for the outdoors gear that you need. We have solar camping lights, flashlights, compasses, rechargeable lighters, wool blankets and camping stoves, just to name a few items.