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Honshu Single-Handed Broadsword


The largest selection of Broadswords at a reasonable price.

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The Middle Ages were dark and brutal — it makes sense that the era’s weaponry would be among the most famous and powerful and the king of weapons was the Broadsword. When you hold a sword like the Medieval Master Broadsword or the Scottish MacLeod Broadsword in your hand, you know that you’re holding a weapon that conquered kingdoms. has an extensive collection of broadswords that will please collectors and reenactors alike and each is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • What exactly is a broadsword? I mean, where did it come from?
    The broadsword is a large sword with a double-edged, wide blade. Also known as an arming sword, it was carried by Medieval knights.
  • Do you have historical reproduction broadswords?
    We have a selection of historical and legendary broadswords including Crusader swords, Scottish swords and Camelot swords.
  • What kind of construction do your broadswords have? I’m looking for quality.
    Our high-quality broadswords are forged with blades of premium stainless steel, Damascus steel and high carbon steel. Materials like genuine bone, leather and heartwood are used to craft the handles.
  • Are the blades on these broadswords sharp or false-edged?
    Our inventory of broadswords are comprised of historical reproduction display swords and modern tactical functional swords.
  • Do these broadswords come with scabbards?
    We have broadswords in our inventory that come with matching scabbards and a few that don’t have a scabbard.