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United Cutlery Orcrist Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield


We have the best collection of completely authentic reproductions from the hit film franchise "The Hobbit". Each incredibly detailed product comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get your authentic piece of film history here – or two or three! Are you an even bigger fan of the original Lord of the Rings Movies? You can find Lord of the Rings Replicas- Weapons, Armor, and more here!

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  • How long has The Hobbit Swords collection been around?
    Since 2011, The Hobbit Swords has offered fans THE officially licensed collection of replica weapons from the hit film franchise "The Hobbit". Each authentically detailed replica is an exact reproduction of the actual filming prop built by Weta Workshop of New Zealand and used in the motion pictures. The incredibly detailed products come with a certificate of authenticity.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    The Hobbit Swords presents a collection of weapons that characters in the movie franchise use and carry, each of them made from high-quality materials and hand-painted to perfection. These replicas are fit for a movie set!
  • What kind of products from The Hobbit Swords collection do you have?
    Our complete collection includes everything from Bilbo’s Sword and Gandalf’s Staff, to Rivendell Elf Helm. You won’t find a better collection anywhere else, and we know you want to own a piece of film history from the Lord of the Rings franchize!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Todd C
    Really nice sword

    I bought this knowing it was the last united cutlery hobbit weapon in the line and didn’t expect much but was pleasantly surprised. The finish of the pommel and the design stood out. Color is more of an orange/dark brass which is a nice contrast to my other LOTR swords. I’d highly recommend this sword.

    Review of: Bard the Bowman's Sword Replica
  • Anonymous
    Great Replica

    It's like getting two replicas in one. The pipe and spike really set this staff apart from the others. Another quality product from UC in The Hobbit line.

    Review of: Gandalf the Grey Staff with Pipe
  • Anonymous
    Sword of Thranduil

    This is my first purchase of a replica sword...WOW!!! I cannot express how pleased I am in a more eloquent way! WOW!!!!!

    Review of: Thranduil's Sword Replica
  • William Pedrick
    Jaw Dropping

    This sword arrived two days ago. Oddly enough every time I see the box I think, geez that looks small. Once opened and out of the box this sword IS A BEAST! Like Steve said in his review, it is much bigger than you would expect. It had the size and thickness of the Elven Warrior Sword, but with more blade. It has open blade work like Tauriel's knives and a thin but long grip somewhat reminiscent of Orcrist. Well worth the purchase.

    Review of: Mirkwood Infantry Sword Replica
  • Anonymous
    Best looking Blade I own!

    This is the perfect sting replica, it feels nice in your hand feels amazing to hold! The blade shines in the light like the moon!this is a very nice sword I definitely would recommend it to any one who likes Lord of the Rings/The hobbit or just likes beautiful swords in general.11/10!

    Review of: Sting Sword Replica from The Hobbit
  • Terry Butikofer

    These are the best elven knives I have ever seen-beautifully designed-balanced perfectly for my hand. It will look great in my Hobbit/Lord of the Rings weapon collection-Thank you Bud K!

    Review of: Tauriel's Fighting Knives Replica