For centuries, in one form or another, the straight razor was the only implement used for those who wanted that close shave. has seen a growing popularity and resurgence of the straight razor due to a new respect for its quality, longevity and economy. Always on the cutting edge of popular culture, we continue to expand our large collection of razors, tailored to fit your personal style. Choose from a variety of beautiful handles in Damascus steel, genuine bone, mother of pearl and wood.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Robert

    For the price its a very nice pocket knife ??. Solid locks up good no wobble. Reinforced frame with nice weight. I bought 2 @ this $, you should too!

    Review of: Silver Raven Samurai Razor Pocket Knife

  • Noel

    I'm getting a big collection of weapons now and I must say this is maybe the coolest. Very solid , sharp , attractive , and eyepopingly large!

    Review of: Grim Reaper Straight Razor Knife

  • Kevin

    Beautiful and sharp right outta the box. Bigger than I thought it would be! Very tight, can't open with one hand, takes a while to loosen up. Overall great quality for the money.

    Review of: Kriegar Vintage Barbershop Folding Straight Razor

  • Jaime

    Strong and good quality. I remember seeing my grandfather shave with one of these and I wanted to try it myself. Mine was sharp right out of the box but I purshased a leather strap and a wet stone to keep the blade sharp.

    Review of: Kriegar Pearl Razor Folding Knife with Elegant Scrollwork

  • Jeff

    I was surprised.I collect straight razors and was a little dubious about this one but for the price I was pleasantly surprised.It was Chinese made but very high quality.The razor blade was very thick and heavy and good construction.I will definitely keep an eye on Dark Side products in the future.Check one out I think you'll be pleased.Thanks BUD K !

    Review of: Grim Reaper Razor Blade Knife