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Large Heavyweight Wool Blankets 64in x 84in


Good quality and warm sleeping bags and blankets for every camping trip.

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Having a good, quality sleeping bag that protects you from the elements when you are camping is key to having a good outdoors experience. If you don’t sleep well at night, then you won’t be fully ready to face the day ahead. It is also highly important to have a good, warm blanket, just in case of emergencies. You should have one in your bug-out bag, vehicle trunk, hiking gear and, especially, on your boat. has a variety of high-quality Sleeping Bags and Blankets to choose from including all-weather sleeping bags and ultra-light cots to heavy wool blankets and weather-resistant utility blankets. All of our reasonably priced camping and survival sleeping gear is made with premium materials, giving you years and years of reliable use.


  • What is your temperature rating for your sleeping bags?
    We have three-season sleeping bags that have a temperature rating of 41F and light-weight bags that are rated at 51F and 68F.
  • What’s an emergency blanket?
    An emergency blanket is a crucial survival tool, especially, in a cold-weather emergency. Our emergency blankets are made of an extremely durable metallic polyester material that will reflect up to 90-percent of your body heat back to you when you’re wrapped up in it. It’s water and wind-resistant, making it an essential barrier against rain, sleet and snow if you’re stranded out in the elements.
  • So what’s the deal with all the wool blankets here?
    Bottom-line, wool is one of the best fabrics in a survival situation. It’s the only natural fiber that retains its insulating abilities even when wet. So adding one of our 80% wool blankets to your camping gear, bug-out bag and the trunk of your vehicle is a really, really good idea.