Spartan 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot 25 Rounds


High-quality and affordable Ammo.

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AMMO FAQS has an extensive stockpile of high-quality and affordable Ammo ideal for hunting, plinking and home defense. Our stock includes pistol, rifle, shotgun and subsonic ammunition in a variety of boxed quantities. You won’t find better bang for your buck on ammo then right here!

  • What kind of ammo do you have?
    We have an extensive stockpile of high-quality, affordable ammunition including pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds.
  • What calibers of pistol rounds do you carry?
    The pistol calibers that we have are 9MM Luger, .380 ACP, .38 Special, .45 Automatic, .357 Magnum and .40 Smith & Wesson.
  • What quantities do your rifle cartridges come in?
    We have 20-count boxes of rifle cartridges.
  • Which brands of shotgun shells do you have?
    We carry shotgun shells from Sellier & Bellot, Spartan and Nobel Sport.