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M48 Tsunami Dagger


Top-notch Fantasy Daggers, the best on the web.

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From crescent knives to Medieval-style blades, carries the best in practical and decorative daggers. Our fantasy knife collection includes both decorative scabbards and daggers with functional pipe sheaths, letting you seamlessly take your blade from the display stand to the real world. Choose from one of the expert-vetted models below, and add something extraordinary to your collection.


  • What are your fantasy daggers like?
    You’ll find unique design elements in our array of fantasy daggers like split blades, etched fantasy runes, twisted blade and movie replicas.
  • Where do you get your fantasy daggers from?
    We stock fantasy daggers from quality brands like Hibben Knives, M48 and United Cutlery.
  • Are these fantasy daggers sharp?
    Each of our fantasy daggers has a sharp, penetrating point and most of them have sharp, functional edges.