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Police Handcuffs


A great selection of handcuffs at amazing prices.

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You never know when you might need to restrain someone and our selection of Handcuffs, make sure they stay that way! We have cuffs constructed of nickel-plated steel and packages of flexible zip tie cuffs, plus, ankle shackles.


  • How many keys do your handcuffs come with?
    Each set of our handcuffs and leg cuffs come with two keys. Just in case you lose one.
  • Are your handcuffs the “real deal”?
    You betcha! Each set of our cuffs are made from solid, rust and corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated steel. We have cuffs that are triple-hinged and cuffs with welded chains.
  • What are zip-tie handcuffs?
    Zip-tie handcuffs are disposable handcuffs that are made of heavy-duty nylon strips with small “teeth” that can be threaded into a “lock” and quickly pulled tight. They can also be used for a variety of jobs where you need to secure something.