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1933 SS Officers Replica Dagger Knife


A stunning variety of top-notch Historic Daggers.

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As a weapon that’s been around for over a millennium, the dagger is a favorite amongst historic weapons collectors. has historic dagger replicas from Roman to Medieval times in Scottish, Crusader and Gladiator styles. Whether you’re looking for a decorative dagger or a functional weapon, is your one-stop-shop for purchasing historical daggers — no matter the century.


  • What time periods are your historic daggers from?
    We have historic reproduction daggers from the Medieval era, W.W.II. and from ancient Rome.
  • Can I actually use these daggers in a real-life situation?
    We have both functional-edged and display-edged historic daggers for you to choose from.
  • Do you have historic daggers with carbon steel blades?
    Yes, we do have blades crafted of high carbon steel, as well as, Damascus steel and stainless steel.