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  • How long has Sokojikara Forged Swords been around?
    Sokojikara Forged Swords has been using the age-old process of clay-tempering for over a decade to forge swords that have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Clay-tempering is a process of using clay to insulate the parts of the metal that you want softened during the hardening step of forging a blade. When the sword is heated and quenched, these parts cool more slowly, allowing the blade to have both the strength and flexibility that are hallmarks of a Sokojikara katana.
  • What kind of products do they have?
    Sokojikara Forged Swords are exceptional, heirloom-quality swords built to be treasured and passed down. They are a legacy of thousands of years of swordsmith knowledge preserved in hand-forged steel.
  • What kind of products from Sokojikara Forged Swords do you have?
    Perfected by swordsmiths at Sokojikara Forged Swords, we carry a wide selection of katanas with different color themes and unique tsuba designs.