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Whether you’re hunting deer with crossbows or wild boar with spears, has the tools you’re looking for! But, it’s not just hunting we love, it’s shooting sports in general. Target practice with BB and pellet guns or airsoft battles with friends, you’ll find everything you need here! We carry a large selection of hunting and shooting gear including sub-caliber devices, ammo, gun accessories, blowguns, crossbows, spears, snares, game cleaning kits, camouflage and ghillie suits.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Rick Stevens (Radcliff, KY) - Just what I expected.

    I couldn't be more pleased with the harpoon set. The three different blades will work on any kind of harpoon or spear and are even slightly barbed to hold prey once speared. The selection of widths make them ideal for anything from frogs to fish to an emergency hunting spear. I would ask that potential buyers check carefully and read the size of the knives/harpoons. These are NOT large items, and they don't need to be.

    Review of: Survival Harpoons Triple Knife Set with Sheath
  • Matthew Bochenek(Los Altos) - M48 Apocalypse Spear of Awesomeness

    Spear came in today, and I was extremely pleased with what I got. The blade was razor sharp right out of the box. I did a few practice throws at a piece of ply wood and it pierced and stuck every time. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes throwing blades or just wants something just hands down awesome for their collection.

    Review of: M48 Apocalypse Spear
  • Pat (Florida) - Cutlery Honshu Tanto Knife

    Great for Florida Hog hunting. I like the stainless steel, no rust with all the rain we get you just cant beat it. I have the original that this is the copy of paid $130 for it but it is carbon steel and started to rust after one hunting trip. You just cant go wrong with this. Its not like you need carbon steel for this size, A sword yes, but this is great for Hunting.

    Review of: United Cutlery Honshu Tanto Knife
  • Levi A. (Tempe, AZ) - budget fun

    I bought two of these crossbows during a bud k bogo sale. When I opened the box I thought it was soft, and plasticy. The description plays it like stainless steel with rubber overlay. Feels more like plastic with steel parts. That said, its still pretty cool. The first shot rewarded me with a satisfying "thwak!" Pretty accurate at 25 feet. Its not a tactical, or practical hunting tool, but for the price its fun. And at 27ish bucks for two of them (shipping included) me and my buddy can both have a few laughs.

    Review of: Avalanche Pistol Grip Tactical 50-lb. Crossbow
  • Bryan (Minneapolis, MN)- Super Accurate

    This sling shot is extremely accurate up to approximately 75 ft. The only issue became abundantly clear when the surgical tubing popped right out of it's holding ring. If you look at the picture of this product, you can see that you attach the rubber tubing by squeezing it through a small slot on the bottom of the ring. On my 2nd shot with this product, the tubing popped out and could have left a nasty eye injury. I found that a piece of shrink-fit tubing over the slot keeps solves this problem. But, you can find your own solution. This would be a fantastic survival tool for hunting the smallest edible game. As I mentioned, this thing is very accurate and capable of hitting a squirrel, chipmunk, etc. with enough force to at least stun it long enough to dispatch. It only comes with 6 pea sized ball bearing ammo pieces. I would recommend finding your own ammo; such as: well, ball bearings, glass marbles, small rocks may not fly as straight as something perfectly spherical. Anyway, for the price, this is a great survival tool or even a great gift for a child. However, make sure you heed the warning about covering the slot. The band will pop out on you eventually.

    Review of: Trailblazer Survival Slingshot & Ammo