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Timber Wolf King Stag Antler Crown Knife


Top-quality selections of Traditional Bowies.

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Perfect for everyday use, campers and survivalists alike, the traditional Bowie knife is a must-have in every collection. carries a range of Bowie knives in traditional and modern styles, from bone-hilted knives to steel blades and full tang Bowies. Whether you’re looking for a hunting knife or tactical blade, carries the best Bowie knife for every situation.


  • Where do you get your traditional bowie knives from?
    We carry traditional bowies from time-honored brands like Hibben Knives, Ridge Runner and Timber Wolf.
  • What makes these bowies traditional?
    With features like wooden handles and clip-point blades, our traditional bowies are true classics.
  • What kind of steel can I get in these bowies?
    Our traditional bowies come in premium stainless steel, D2 tool steel and high carbon steel.