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An elite selection of Traditional Daggers at reasonable prices.

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With centuries of history behind them, traditional daggers remain a relevant part of modern weaponry. From the earliest ceremonial daggers to the modern combat dagger, has a large stock of fixed blade daggers for sale. We carry daggers in a variety of materials, lengths and blade steels, all with the same sharp-pointed, double-edged blade profile you know and love! We have a variety of traditional daggers to choose from. Our selection includes blades inspired by English and European dagger-styles, blades with sheaths, practical and survival-styled tactical daggers, and spiral daggers with twisted blades. We carry several classic dagger styles, so we know we’ll have the right blade for you. Shop with us today, we’ll help you find that perfect dagger!


  • What kind of traditional daggers do you have?
    We carry a variety of traditional daggers inspired by English and European dagger styles.
  • What kinds of materials are your traditional daggers’ handles made of?
    We have a selection of premium handles including genuine bone, banded leather, olive wood and stag horn.
  • Do your traditional daggers come with sheaths?
    Yes, all of our traditional daggers come with a premium sheath to protect the blade and to carry them in.