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Date Published: 2022-11-21

BudK 2022 Gift Guide

BudK 2022 Gift Guide

By Adelia Ladson

It's hard to believe but the holidays are already here. If you haven't started your holiday gift shopping yet, you may already be behind the curve. How about we make it completely easy for you? The Bud K Gift Guide literally has something for everyone on your list! Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find, and we guarantee you'll find something for yourself, too.

Gifts For Knife Users

Knife enthusiasts are a very discerning group of folks who know exactly what they want. And that's why, for three decades, BudK has been the absolute go-to for a selection of high-quality knives that's like no other. Our Gifts For Knife Users collection has a variety of styles of knives assuring that you'll find a razor-sharp gift. If you're looking for something big and impressive, check-out the Timber Wolf King Stag Antler Crown Knife, which is almost two feet in length. Or maybe you're looking for a pocket knife with a lightning fast opening like the Bushmaster Mamba Automatic Knife. Find these and everything in between for your knife enthusiast.

Gifts For Sword Users

A sword makes a fantastic gift for a sword collector and one they will never forget. Whether a historical collector, a movie weapons collector or a Japanese sword collector, our Gifts For Sword Users is where you'll find the gift that will make a sword lover's holiday. Why not add Gandalf's Glamdring Sword to your loved one's The Lord of the Rings collection or expand their katana collection with the hand-forged Shinwa Black Serpent Katana. The Holidays are a time of year that should be magical, and I can't think of anything more magical than a sword!

Gifts For Outdoorsmen

We have so many things to offer on our Gifts For Outdoorsmen list that will make the perfect additions to your nature lover's gear. There's always something that they can use for their outdoor adventures, and they'll appreciate that you got it for them. At the top of my list this year is the Intense Mosquito Net Covered Hammock Travel Bed. And everyone can use one of Trailblazer's Solar Charger/Power Banks, which also have a firestarter. If your outdoorsman seems to have everything, don't worry. I bet he doesn't have the Nebo Transcend Rechargeable Headlamp.

Gifts For Veterans

Our Gifts For Veterans list is filled with products that have a military theme or a patriotic theme. Your Veteran deserves the best of the best and these gifts are high-ranking. If your loved one is a Marine, he's going to love one of the officially licensed USMC knives like the Combat Fighter Knife. If you have a Vietnam Veteran on your list, you'll find well-suited gifts like the Vietnam Veteran Flat-Top Cap. The American Flag OTF Knife makes a great EDC for your Veteran. Whether active duty or retired, we have a thoughtful gift that will make your soldier's holiday.

Novelty Gifts

We all have that one person in our family or friend circle who is incredibly hard to buy for or just seems to have everything. Our Novelty Gifts list will come to your rescue! Choose from cool and unique products like the Pulsefire Long Range Torch or one of our Fishing Pens or our Secrectly Marked Playing Cards. Make holiday shopping fun this year!

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