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Date Published: 2023-09-04

Enter the World of Helmet Collecting

Enter the World of Helmet Collecting

By Desiree Weeks

While we are certainly known for our weapons, I thought it’d be cool to take some time to focus on some of the unique helms and helmets we have here at BudK.

Helmets, a word derived from the Old English word “helm”, serve the purpose of protecting the wearer from head injuries or, in some situations, act as a ceremonial piece. When it comes to the words “helmets” and “helms”, a helm is usually thought of more as a more historic piece that covers the whole head and sometimes the throat/neck area while a helmet may be more modern and less involved.

What makes them a great collector’s piece is the sheer variety of styles and materials that have been used over the years in their development. They make eye-catching display pieces thanks to their intricate detailing and unique histories.

Whether you’re a fantasy film aficionado or a history buff, we are sure to have a to fit your aesthetic.

Helm of King Theoden

Anytime I talk about my favorite helms on our site, the Helm of Theoden is always at the top of my list. As a Lord of the Rings fan and just a general fan of beautiful replicas, this helm is a true standout. It’s a faithful reproduction of the filming prop built by Weta Workshop. This polyresin helm that has the look of real polish steel and brass includes all the intricate detailing of the film helm. Another great thing about this product is you’re not just getting the helm – you’re also receiving a beautifully sculpted display stand that matches the shape of Theoden’s neck and shoulder armor.

Rivendell Elf Helm

If I’m going to talk about a Lord of the Rings replica, I need to also mention a great piece from The Hobbit. The Rivendell Elf Helm is a faithful reproduction of the helm crafted by Weta Works and used in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It has a steel appearance with beautifully sculpted Elven vines and the sigil of the House of Elrond on the nose guard. It also includes a polystone and wood display that is sculpted in the shape of a Rivendell guard neck and shoulder armor.

Helm of Sauron

This will be my last LOTR reference, I swear. I just couldn’t feature helms without acknowledging the most intimidating one of all: the Helm of Sauron. While this is a half-scale reproduction, it’s still quite imposing and measures 15 1/2" tall. This polyresin piece is designed to look just like the blackened steel war helm of Dark Lord Sauron. The perfect display piece, it’s presented on a polystone display stand and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Roman Gladiator Maximus-Style Helmet

Stepping away from fantasy helms and into more historically based pieces, let’s talk about the Roman Gladiator Maximus-Style Helmet. This piece is a solid steel reproduction of the helmets worn by Roman gladiators. While it certainly makes a cool display piece, it also has a 6” deep head cavity, making it useful for cosplay or reenactments.

Black Coated Corinthian Trojan Helmet

Another great historic piece is the Black Coated Corinthian Trojan Helmet that allows you to be just like Achilles. Well, not just like Achilles, but it’ll at least give you the look. This design comes from the helms used in the Greek city-state of Corinth. It’s made of carbon steel and has a sleek black finish and removable black hair crest.

British Military GS MK6 OD Helmet

This incredibly unique piece is the British Military GS MK6 OD Helmet. It’s a used condition army surplus piece that was standard issued to the British Armed Forces from the 1980s to 2005. It was designed to be wearable with modern devices and was manufactured by NP Aerospace. This great military piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

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