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Date Published: 2023-04-17

Knife Sets

Knife Sets

By Desiree Weeks

Knives are one of the oldest tools known to humanity, appearing at least 2.5 million years ago, with earlier pieces being made from wood, bone, and stone. Since that time, we’ve seen how they’ve evolved into something that now many people never leave home without. As knives continue to evolve, so does BudK as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in knife selection. Not to mention we have quite a few sets that will make you forget all about the old “less is more” mantra. Who wouldn’t want to get more than one knife at a great price?

Whether you’re looking for your next great hunting knife, a new set for your survival gear, or to take up the art of knife throwing, we have you covered! Check out some of these great sets available now at BudK!

Timber Wolf Trekker Knife Set

If you’re torn on what size trekking knife would best suit your needs, why not opt for two? The Timber Wolf Trekker Knife Set provides both a 14 3/4" large fixed blade knife and a 7 3/4" fixed blade knife. The larger knife has a 9 1/4” mirror-polished stainless steel blade with a beveled edge, perfect for tackling larger jobs. The smaller has the same type of blade but it’s just 4”. Both knives also have matching handsome handles made of brown pakkawood that are complemented by a stainless steel guard and pommel. What is truly great is that both of these knives can fit into the same black nylon belt sheath so you’ll always have just what you need.

Black Legion Red Widow Set

If you’re looking for a unique variety of knives, check out the Black Legion Red Widow Set. This set includes a survival bayonet knife, three throwing knives, an assisted opening pocket knife, and a fixed blade gut hook. What more could you want? While each piece is unique in its own way, all the pieces have matching red spiderweb patterned stainless steel blades. The survival knife comes with a sturdy TPU leg and belt sheath and the throwing knives come in a tough nylon belt sheath.

US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife and Sword

Crafted after the iconic knives carried by the armed forces in WWII, the US 1942 Combat Fighting Knife and Sword are great for collecting and for practical use. The sword is 27 1/2" with a 19 3/4" blade and the knife is 12” with a 7” blade. Although they differ in size, both pieces have the same look with heat-treated stainless steel blades and genuine stacked leather handles. Each also has its own sheath.

Gil Hibben Large Throwing Knife Triple Set

From master craftsman Gil Hibben comes this set of large throwing knives. Whether a long-time master of the craft or someone just getting into the world of knife throwing, this set is the ideal fit. Each of the three throwing knives is made of one piece stainless steel construction with cord wrapped handles for grip. They’re perfectly balanced to ensure your throws will always find their mark. They can be carried all together in the durable nylon sheath with hard liner.

Kit Rae Hell Hawk Throwing Knife Triple Set

If you’re in the market for a knife set that’s a bit more fantasy, try the Kit Rae HellHawk Throwing Knife Triple Set. While he’s known for his fantasy swords, Kit Rae is also an avid throwing knife and axe enthusiast. Each of the three 9 3/4" knives are constructed of one piece of 3Cr13 stainless steel and have leather wrapped grips.

Rigid Two-Piece Rescue Knife Set

Add two new pieces to your rescue equipment or survival gear with the Rigid Two-Piece Rescue Knife Set. Each pocket knife has a 2” stainless steel blade with cut-out nail nick for quick access. What makes this set truly impressive is the orange cast aluminum handles with carabiner-style clip. Clip them to your gear or to yourself to have a reliable cutting tool always at hand.

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