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Date Published: 2022-08-01

Put Real Power In Your Punch: Knuckle Stun Guns

Put Real Power In Your Punch: Knuckle Stun Guns

By Adelia Ladson

The Seriousness Of Self-Defense

Self-defense is an important aspect of life that you need to consider. Bad things really do happen! Whether you’re jogging at night in your neighborhood or walking to your car in a parking garage, there’s always the possibility that you could be assaulted by someone with criminal intent. To me one of the easiest and most effective forms of self-defense to use is a stun-gun and my favorites are the Knuckle Stun Guns.

Taser Or Stun Gun?

Now, lets start with the most basic information that you need to know about a stun gun because there is definitely confusion on them, and they’re often confused with tasers. It’s essential that you know the difference between the two devices. First and foremost, a taser, in most states, requires more restrictions than a stun gun, whereas, a stun gun has only a few states with restrictions on personal use and possession.

What’s A Taser

A Taser, which stands for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle” was first developed by NASA researcher, Jack Cover, around 1974. He named the prototype after his childhood storybook hero, Thomas Swift and it’s shaped like a gun, firing two electrodes into a target with wires connecting them back to the firing implement. Cover’s design was originally propelled by gunpowder but that classified it as a firearm. Now, Taser’s are powered by compressed nitrogen charges. Between the wires and the electrodes an electrical current is conducted into the body of the target causing neuromuscular incapacitation, when the “trigger is pulled.” So, it’s doesn’t just rely on pain as a motivator. However, a Taser does have a mode where it can be directly applied to the target’s body to employ a pain compliance option. For this, the electrodes don‘t have to be discharged at all. Tasers are legal for all law enforcement in every state.

What’s A Stun Gun

A Stun Gun applies the same basic principles of disrupting muscle functions through electric current as a Taser uses. However, a stun gun only has the option of direct application to an assailant to get the desired result. In 1983, when the stun gun appeared, it had electrodes that were further apart to really showcase the electric arc between them. Now, stun guns are disguised as a variety of items including cell phones, pens, flashlights and walking canes. For the most part, regardless of what they are called, they are in no way shaped like a gun. A stun gun is a much more practical personal self-defense weapon than a Taser, which is much more practical for law enforcement.

Knuckle Stun Guns

Like I said above, stun guns can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but I prefer the knuckle stun guns. The main reason, for me, is that I feel like I have a more secure grip on the self-defense weapon and, I like to be able to punch out at an assailant. These stun guns are more or less shaped like brass knuckles or have a knuckle-guard handle.

ZAP Extreme Blast Knuckles

The ZAP Extreme Blast Knuckles are the best of the best, offering 950,000 volts of shock power that will knock an attacker on his butt. The stun gun has four, ultra-sharp spike electrodes that can penetrate clothing and this makes it the top of my list! The knuckle-guard is rubberized for a comfortable, slip-free grip. The knuckle stun gun also has a safety switch with an LED light and it's powered by two CR123 lithium batteries. It comes with a carrying case that has a belt clip.

ZAP Self-Defense Knuckles

Just like the Zap Extreme Blast, the ZAP Self-Defense Knuckles packs 950,000 volts of shock power. However, it has two electrodes instead of the spikes. It’s also powered by two CR123 lithium batteries. There’s a safety switch and a “ready for use” LED indicator. The knuckle stun gun also comes with a storage and carry case.

Double Trouble Stun Gun

Differently designed than the knuckle stun guns above, the Double Trouble Stun Gun is held so that the electricity arcing between the eight electrodes actually becomes your knuckle guard. The monster knuckle stun gun puts out 1,200,000 volts of shock tactics and is 6” in overall length. The stun gun’s soft grip is double-coated and contoured, plus, a hand-strap is included. It also features an LED on/off indicator and is powered by two CR123A batteries. Included with it is a nylon carry and storage case.

ZAP Baton And Flashlight

The ZAP Baton And Flashlight is also a different design but still has the knuckle guard handle. This model of stun gun is especially good for security guards since it has an integrated bright 30-lumens LED flashlight and a holster-style carrying case. Putting out one million volts of shock power, the beast has four points of contact to use against an assailant. Starting at the tip, above the flashlight, there are two sharp spike electrodes and then, there are shock plates on each side of the baton’s body. Finally, the knuckle guard handle has electrodes for that haymaker shot or to keep an attacker from getting their hands on the handle. Definitely a larger stun gun, the self-defense weapon is 11 1/2” overall. It has a safety and a no-slip rubber grip. What I really like about the ZAP Baton and Flashlight is that it requires no batteries but recharges with an included wall charger.

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