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Date Published: 2023-04-24

Staying Safe with Night Watchman

Staying Safe with Night Watchman

By Desiree Weeks

The Night Watchman brand is known for quality personal protection and defense pieces to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether at home, at work, or on the go, Night Watchman has a perfectly crafted piece for every situation.

Self Defense

Within the Night Watchman Brand is a wide array of self-defense tools, ranging from hidden blades to tasers. You can have peace of mind knowing that each of these pieces is expertly crafted with your safety in mind. Here are just a few of our favorite self-defense finds.

Night Watchman Hook Self-Defense Sword Cane

If you’re looking for a practical piece for your self-defense needs, check out the Night Watchman Hook Self-Defense Sword Cane. At first glance, this item appears to simply be an aluminum walking cane with curved fiber-filled nylon handle. However, the aluminum shaft is actually concealing a 25” 1060 high carbon steel blade that is ready to defend you at a moment’s notice.

Night Watchman Faux Smart Phone Stun Gun

In today’s world, you can never be too careful. Be prepared for anything with the Night Watchman Faux Smart Phone Stun Gun. This hidden in plain sight self-defense tool looks just like a smart phone but is actually a powerful stun gun. With its rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it can deal 14,000,000 volts. If that wasn’t enough, it also sounds an ear-piercing alarm and has an integrated LED flashlight. Don’t worry about accidental discharge; this device has a functional off/on safety switch and a shock control button. At just 5 2/5”x2 3/5”, this device is easy to carry and conceal.

Night Watchman Stun Gun Flashlight Police Taser

Another great find that is practical with a punch is the Night Watchman Stun Gun Flashlight. This powerful self-defense tool has 2 million volts of shock power to incapacitate an assailant while also being an extraordinarily bright 380-lumen LED flashlight. It’s the perfect thing to take with you walking or jogging and has a convenient wrist lanyard.


If you have a suspicion or simply want to keep an eye on your home when you’re away, here are some great options from Night Watchman to give you a great sense of security.

Night Watchman Eye in the Sky Smart Bulb

Discreetly keep an eye on what matters with the Night Watchman Eye in the Sky Smart Bulb. This bulb is both a video camera and microphone camouflaged inside a functional light bulb. It can record onto a micro SD card (not included) or stream via a live feed over WiFi to a smartphone app. Whether it’s for your home or office, this is the perfect way to keep an eye on things from above.

Night Watchman Pen Style Mini Spy Camera

The discreet Night Watchman Pen Style Mini Spy Camera can serve many purposes, including a home security monitoring device, a meeting recorder, or an incident recorder. Simply clip it to your pocket and what others will see as a traditional pen will be taking film and video that can be viewed later via computer software. This mini camera charges using a DC-5V cable and comes with a USB cable for computer playback. It records in AVI video format that is full HD 1080 resolution and takes JPG photos with a 4:3 scale.

Night Watchman 8GB USB Spy Camera and Charger

An unassuming spy camera that no one would notice is the Night Watchman 8GB USB Spy Camera and Charger. It looks and functions like a traditional wall charger while also recording crystal clear color video surveillance wherever you need. It can be accessed via plug and play or send motion detection alerts if the camera detects movement. The camera angle points slightly upward, so this is perfect to place in floor-level outlets. It also has an internal 8GB Micro SD that supports loop recording, so it will overwrite old files with the SD card is full, making it easy to use daily.

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