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Date Published: 2023-03-06

Stilettos: Stylish, Sleek, and Substantial

Stilettos: Stylish, Sleek, and Substantial

By Desiree Weeks

Knives come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most recognizable has to be the sleek and stylish stiletto. A stiletto is distinct with its long, slender blade and needle-like point. First developed in Italy and dating back to the late 15th century, its unique shape made it perfect for thrusting. It became used as a secondary weapon in the late Middle Ages specifically for its ability to penetrate most chain mail or get into gaps of plated armor.

As time marched on, the stiletto became a favorite of assassins as it was easy to conceal and could cause deadly wounds with minimal bleeding. It remained a popular weapon for criminals and assassins through the end of the 19th century. It also saw a revival during wartime with variations of the stiletto being used in both WWI and WWII. Both wars saw a need for hand-to-hand combat weaponry and silent killing, leading to the stiletto taking shape as a combat knife.

The United States imported mass quantities of folding switchblades and automatic knives from Italy in the 1950s and the knife continued to evolve. Carrying on the traditional long, slender blade, the Italian switchblades are commonly referred to simply as stilettos and still make an ideal concealed weapon that can quickly deploy a blade. There are now also folding knife designs that have spring-assisted, non-locking, and lock blade variants. Here are just a few of the great stiletto knives that can be found at BudK!

Automatic Italian Black Stiletto Knife

A beautiful example of the Italian stiletto style is the Automatic Italian Black Stiletto Knife. At 13” from tip to end, this upscale knife is truly impressive. To release its 6” mirror-polished stainless steel blade, simply push the button on the side of the black acrylic handle scales. The bolster acts as the blade release and, by pushing it forward, the blade is released and closed easily. The knife measures 7 1/4" closed and can be carried either in a pocket or its tough nylon belt sheath.

Kriegar German Peach Wood Stiletto Knife

Looking for something a bit more rustic? Check out Kriegar’s German Peach Wood Stiletto Knife. The handsome German wood handle scales are accented by polished stainless steel bolsters and pins. The assisted opening mechanism ensures this reliable knife can swiftly deploy its 4” polished stainless steel blade.

Kissing Crane Mother of Pearl Stiletto Pocket Knife

Beauty and brawn, the Kissing Crane Mother of Pearl Stiletto Knife has it all. This striking knife has a classy mother-of-pearl handle, offset by brass-plated pins and bolsters. Adding to its elegance is the mirror-polished stainless steel blade. As with all Kissing Crane pieces, you’ll find the classic Kissing Crane shield, also in brass, proudly displayed on the handle.

USMC Colossal Blackout Stiletto

A modern twist on a classic stiletto, the USMC “Blackout” Stiletto is a tactical take that maintains the iconic stiletto spirit. Using a smooth assisted opening mechanism, this knife can quickly deploy its 5” 420 stainless steel spear point blade with distinctive blood groove and non-reflective black coating. The handle is made of a tough aluminum alloy with diamond texture and has “USMC” laser etched on the center. With a built-in steel pocket clip and glass breaker at the base of the handle, you’ll want to carry this knife all the time.

Stinger Stiletto Knife

A fixed blade stiletto, the Stinger Stiletto Knife is one tough weapon. The double-edged, partially serrated blade is made of AUS-6 stainless steel and has a non-reflective black coating. Never slip with the black Santoprene handle. It comes with an impact resistant wrist sheath with a quick release ABS blade liner and a snap button closure.

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