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Date Published: 2023-07-10

Weapons of Days Past

Weapons of Days Past

By Desiree Weeks

As the saying goes, history tends to repeat itself and, when it comes to weaponry, that’s quite true. Many of today’s modern weapons have roots that can be traced back to historic weapons used during wars or other pivotal moments in time. Here are just a few of the great historic finds on BudK!

US Model 1860 Light Cavalry War Replica Sword

A great example of a historic replica is the US Model 1860 Light Cavalry War Replica Sword. This piece is patterned after the one issued prior to the Civil War. It saw use by the US Cavalry during the Civil War and continued to be used until the end of the Indian Wars with some still being used during the Spanish American War. It replaced its heavier predecessor, the Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber, but retained some of its elements such as its brass guard, leather wrapped grip, and steel scabbard. However, the smaller size of the 1860 made it easier to handle.

Our 40” replica is precisely crafted to match the original. It features a 35” high carbon steel blade and a leather wrapped handle with ornate guard. Even the scabbard is like the original and is made from nickel plated steel.

1860 US Navy Cutlass Sword

Another great military find is the 1860 US Navy Cutlass Sword. The cutlass has an extensive history and is most known as being the weapon of choice for sailors on the high seas. This is believed to be because of its ability to tackle the thick ropes you’d find on ships while still being short enough for close quarter needs, including combat.

The US Navy adopted a new design patterned after the French naval cutlass after the discontinued use of the broadsword in 1860 and this design became standard for the next 80 years. It saw use by both Union and Confederate sailors in the Civil War, was carried on Navy ships in the Spanish-American War and in WWI, and was still in use during the beginning of WWII.

Our 31 1/2" 1860 replica is historically faithful with a sleek 25 1/2" carbon steel blade, enlarged brass basket handguard, and leather wrapped cast metal sheath.

Roman Guard Gladius Sword

The gladius is an easily recognizable piece with quite an interesting history. The name itself is Latin and referred to the sword used by ancient Roman footguards, but the word can also be used to mean any sword. The gladius came into use during 3rd century BC until 3rd century AD. The sword was based on the ones used by the Celtiberians of Hispania during the Punic Wars. When used by soldiers, this weapon was typically used alongside a shield and was intended for thrusting. Its unique hilt shape gave the wielder better control when thrusting. It was eventually replaced by the spatha for the heavy Roman infantry.

One unique gladius replica is the Roman Guard Gladius Sword and Scabbard. This ornate piece has a 22” stainless steel blade with intricate designs. There is also exquisite detailing on the pommel, guard and on the faux wood scabbard with hanging chain.

Legends in Steel Viking Warrior Sword

In Norse culture, swords were highly valued and typically a sign of high status given their costly nature. Vikings were often buried with their swords, so swords would be “killed” by bending the blade, making is unusable. While this was a symbolic practice, it also deterred theft of the expensive weapons.

These weapons were known to have inlaid inscriptions on the blade and a pommel with three or five rounded lobes. Both of those elements can be found in our Legends in Steel Viking Warrior Sword. An ideal showpiece, this sword has a full-tang 1095 carbon steel blade with display edges and wooden handle scales. It also included an adjustable leather shoulder strap.

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