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Date Published: 2023-09-11

What is a Push Dagger?

What is a Push Dagger?

By Desiree Weeks

In the world of edged weapons, there's a category that stands apart for its unique design and fascinating history – push daggers. Also known as push knives or punch daggers, these compact weapons have a rich history that stretches back through centuries.

With a double-edged blade and a perpendicular handle, push daggers gradually evolved from simple utility tools to effective close-quarters weapons. In the United States, the push dagger gained prominence during the late 19th century and early 20th century. This era, marked by rapid urbanization and the growth of industrial cities, saw a rise in personal safety concerns. As citizens navigated unfamiliar environments, the compact and easily concealable push dagger found favor as a self-defense tool.

The push dagger's design made it ideal for concealed carry, an important consideration in the context of personal safety. Its minimalistic profile allowed individuals to discreetly carry it, ensuring they were prepared for potential threats. Its effectiveness in close quarters combat and its ability to deliver quick, decisive strikes further solidified its appeal. It was this close quarter combat ability that allowed the push dagger to also be used in the trenches of war.

In these more contemporary times, the push dagger has not been forgotten. It has experienced a resurgence in interest, both as a collectible and as a practical self-defense tool. Many individuals appreciate its discreet nature and the fact that it can serve as a last resort option in situations where other tools might be inaccessible.

We here at BudK have a quite a large selection of push daggers. Here are just a few of our favorites.

The Gremlin Push Dagger

The Gremlin Push Dagger is a collaboration between legendary knife maker Gil Hibben and fantasy weapon designer Paul W. Ehlers. What makes this piece stand out is the uniquely shaped 5Cr15MoV stainless steel blade with four edges and penetrating point. The handle scales are black linen Micarta with finger-grooved grip, giving you a secure grip.

M48 Cyclone Push Dagger

Another favorite push dagger that stands out due to its blade shape is the M48 Cyclone Push Dagger. The dagger’s 5 3/4" 2Cr13 cast stainless steel blade has an open twisted design, giving multiple sharp edges. The T-shaped handle is made of TPR rubber with grooves that gives the user full control over the blade.

Honshu Small Covert Defense Push Dagger

If you’re looking for a push dagger that is a bit more discreet, check out the Honshu Small Covert Defense Push Dagger. This 4 3/4" overall dagger has a 2 5/8” 7Cr13 stainless steel blade with a satin finish, deep pressured blade groove, and through holes. It’s ideal for covert personal protection and has a no-slip TPR rubber handle.

Combat Commander Mini Black Push Dagger

The smallest push dagger on this list is the Combat Commander Mini Black Push Dagger. This push dagger measures just 2 3/4" overall and has a black stainless steel blade with sharp serrations. The blade can be housed in its polypropylene sheath that includes a stainless steel clip and ring so you can take it wherever you go.

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