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Top Customer Reviews - Air Guns

  • Cody Carter (Hyannis, MA) - Exactly What it says

    Everything the description says is true. Incredibly durable, semi-auto Handgun with great accuracy, I highly recommend this!

    Review of: Heckler and Koch USP Spring Airsoft Pistol
  • Mike (NY, NY) - Great

    This gun has everything you can possibly need! the laser is great, the red dot is good, the flashlight is a realy good one, and the aiming is perfect. sur eit doesnt hold alot of bullits but with the aiming and power on this thing, you wont need it. I won 13 out of 16 airsoft wars with this gun. buy it

    Review of: M82 Auto Sport Airsoft Gun
  • hotrod (Illinois) - awesome pistol

    This pistol is definitely not a toy!! Lots of power and within a few shots I had everything sighted in, and was grouping my shots about 3" at twenty yards. want to put a scope on it, then I'll be shooting the wings off of flies.

    Review of: Ruger Mark I .177 Pistol
  • Jack W Davis (Champaign, IL) - Fulfilled my dream

    KOF3241 Well, my childhood dream of owning a Red Ryder BB gun has finally come true. As a child, dear old Mom would never see her way clear to give little Jackie his own Daisy. So, bless your soul, Mom, I finally got my baby! Granted, I'm almost 70 years old, but I love my gun, and, so far, I've not shot my eye out. Love it!

    Review of: Daisy Red Ryder Air Rifle