Top Customer Reviews - Camping Knives

    • Daimyo (Quantico, VA) - Great Deal!

      I got six of these during BudK?s ?Buy One/Get One? sale based on the reviews you guys made. Together with a bunch of other stuff I ordered, they came out to $3.44/ea, incl S&H! This is a really quality item for the bucks - solid, well made, and cleverly designed. By opening the fork and can opener, you can separate the sections (fork/can/bottle opener on one side and spoon/knife/lanyard on the other. I read some previous complaints about green lubricating slime and rusting rivets and I guess the makers in China did too as all my sets were lubricant free and the rivets are made of brass! I haven't been able to use this in the field but I've been using it around the house and office and I'm pretty d**ned impressed. I'll probably buy six more at the next BOGO sale for family and friends bug out bags. I highly recommend this!

      Review of: Camp Tool with Knife, Fork, Spoon and Can Opener

    • John Andrews (Houston, Texas) - Gave as a gift

      Bought two of these items, one for myself and one to give as a gift. I was very please with the quality of the utensils, very sturdy, and will get used a lot I am sure. I liked that the over all length when folded, as well the ease with which utensils come apart making it easy to use as well as for washing after using.

      Review of: Kabar Stainless Hobo Knife

    • G Busby (God's Country!!!!!) - Hit The Woods!!!!!!!

      I purchased this knife due to the fact I enjoy collecting KC knives. This knife is very appealing to the eye, sturdy, and ready for action! The knife section is sharp and ready to take on the toughest of camp fire meats. (If your a veggie then slurp your tofu) The spoon and fork sections fit nicely onto the knife section. This knife is larger and heavier than you might be used to. If weight is a deal breaker then you might think twice, but all in all this knife is better than the cheaper brands.

      Review of: Kissing Crane Hobo Tool Amber Jigged Bone