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Date Published: 2023-07-24

Picking an EDC

Picking an EDC

By Desiree Weeks

When searching for the perfect everyday carry (EDC) knife, several factors should be considered as the options can be overwhelming. That's where we come in.

Whether you're an office worker in need of a compact and concealable tool or an avid outdoorsman requiring a rugged and reliable knife, we've got you covered. An EDC knife, as the name suggests, is one you reach for daily, becoming an essential item alongside your wallet and keys. It must be versatile and dependable, capable of handling both expected and unexpected tasks.

Before delving into the vast world of knives, it's important to note what you’ll be using it for, how frequently you’ll be using it, and potential environmental conditions you may encounter.

When it comes to blade steel, stainless steel is a popular choice. Stainless steel blades offer high resistance to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for any environment, although they may require more frequent sharpening. On the other hand, carbon steel blades maintain their edge for longer but are more susceptible to corrosion.

Handles will also vary from knife to knife and will be a personal preference based on how you intend to use your knife. While natural handle materials like wood may be more visually appealing, they can be less durable compared to synthetic alternatives. Synthetic handles are ideal for situations involving severe weather conditions as many of them feature textured surfaces for a secure grip.

You should also consider if you want your EDC knife to double as a self-defense tool. While any knife can potentially serve as a self-defense tool, certain factors make some knives better suited for such purposes, such as the speed of blade deployment.

Here are just a few EDC picks from our collection of pocket knives.

Kissing Crane Pocket Farmer Yellow Composite Pocket Knife

This may seem like an odd starting point given all the modern progress in knives, but I wanted to start with a piece that makes me think of my grandfather. This pocket knife from Kissing Crane looks just like the knives he carried around the farm and never left home without. Just like those nostalgic pieces, this knife offers a reliable 3” drop point blade with nail nick for easy opening. It also has a classic looking composite handle with the Kissing Crane shield.

Timber Wolf Money Clip Pocket Knife

While it may be small, the Timber Wolf Money Clip Pocket Knife is a sturdy and multi-purpose EDC choice. The 1 3/4" stainless steel blade with black, non-reflective finish is excellent for cutting but that’s not all this small, discreet knife can do. It also has a stainless steel money clip integrated into the design and has a bottle opener built into the pakkawood handle.

USMC Black and Green Assisted Opening Knife

One knife that falls into both the EDC and self-defense category is the USMC Black and Green Assisted Opening Knife. Officially licensed by the Marine Corps, this knife is rugged and up for any tasks, no matter the environment. It has a 3 1/2" black stainless steel blade that can easily be deployed using the blade spur, engaged the assisted opening mechanism. This allows for quick access, making it a good option for self-defense scenarios.

Bushmaster Mamba OTF Knife

Another quick opening knife is the Bushmaster Mamba OTF Knife. Quickly deploy the 3 3/4" double-edged stainless steel blade from the front of the TPU handle using the ambidextrous sliding button. The handle itself is also heavily textured, allowing for a secure grip in any situation.

Honshu Black and Blue Sekyuriti Pocket Knife

The Honshu Sekyuriti Pocket Knife is an artistic looking piece that packs a punch. Backed by the reliable Honshu name, this knife has tough, textured handle scales made of black and blue G10 with jimping down the length. The blade is made of D2 tool steel with a polished finish that can be easily deployed using the flipper. This piece will make an eye-catching EDC and has both a pocket clip and lanyard hole for easy carry.

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