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Top Customer Reviews - Kukri Machetes

    • Frank Thompson (Louisa, KY) - kukri machete

      This machete is great sharp out of the box and the saw back works good, all you need for camping great price.

      Review of: United Survival Sawback Kukri With Sheath

    • hunter (colorado) - Gurkha kukri

      Amazing kukri. This is great for the price everything comes dull but sharpened works great. Very strong and sturdy. i would recommend this to anyone that want a good kukri.

      Review of: Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife

    • soans89 (White Plains, AA) - Twin Kudris

      Awesome! Everything I expected. My second buy with BudK and I couldn't be happier. Not as sharped as I hoped but awesome, sturdy, sheath is great. If zombies ever invaded you would want these when you ran out of ammo. lol

      Review of: Alices Undead Extinction Kukri Machete Set

    • Justin (Texas) - Amazing

      OMG this is BY FAR the best machete i have ever bought!! it is weighted properly and very sharp. i use this to chop down trees! the grip is rubber witch is really nice AND THE CASE IS THE BEST QUALITY I HAVE EVER SEEN! this will deffinetly be added to my zombie weapon collection!

      Review of: Gerber Gator Kukri Machete

    • James Smith (Fema Region VI, TX) - Smith And Wesson Outback Kukri

      I had this shipped to me at my work and immediately the knife went from one of my co-workers hand to another. All the guys were impressed. The knife has a wonderful "feel" to it. It has very good "balance" for lack of a better word. I took it home and hacked through 1 to 2 inch trees and limbs with single strokes. I have since learned it can do much more. I love it and just ordered another one for my son today.

      Review of: Smith And Wesson Outback Kukri