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Welcome To The BUDK Blog. BUDK is the largest online retailer of knives and swords in the world, with the lowest prices to boot! We also happen to like knives, swords, axes, tomahawks, guns and more. So, we're going to write lots of interesting articles about those things, and other "BUDK-ish" subjects for you to learn about here. We hope you enjoy the Blog!

M48 Apocalypse Tomahawk Review

Date Published: 2012-09-10

Tomahawk spike buried into unsuspecting table Tomahawk spike buried into unsuspecting table The M48 Apocalypse tactical tomahawk is one wicked blade! Based on the original M48 Kommando hawkaxe from United Cutlery, the A... read more

M48 Kommando Survival Kit Review

Date Published: 2012-09-09

Hikers, hunters and campers alike should all be prepared when venturing into the wilderness. You could spend a ton of money compiling a huge list of all the things you might need, or you could just buy one of United Cutlery’s... read more

Smith & Wesson Black Ops III Knife Review

Date Published: 2012-09-07

Smith & Wesson is one of the industry leaders in new and innovative pocket knife designs. They also have an extensive line of assisted-open knives. Their M.A.G.I.C. assisted-open mechanism is one of the fastest on the mar... read more

Knife Anatomy

Date Published:

The Anatomy Of A Knife – Labeling The Parts Of A Knife Point – The tip of the knife. It should be small, sharp and relatively thin. It is used for making incisions and cutting delicate items. Edge- This is the b... read more

How to Assemble A Cobra Pistol Crossbow

Date Published:

Assembly of A Cobra Pistol Crossbow 1. Insert bow into stock to the white line. Take care that the pressure pad is between the bow and bow retainer screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. 2. Feed the string to loop on left of bow. ... read more

How to Throw Knives Accurately

Date Published:

So, you saw a movie where the hero throws a knife and kills the bad guy right? One of our favorite knife throwers is Jason Statham as, Lee Christmas, in the Expendables and Expendables 2. He throws a kunai knife like none oth... read more

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