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Welcome To The BUDK Blog. BUDK is the largest online retailer of knives and swords in the world, with the lowest prices to boot! We also happen to like knives, swords, axes, tomahawks, guns and more. So, we're going to write lots of interesting articles about those things, and other "BUDK-ish" subjects for you to learn about here. We hope you enjoy the Blog!

Could You Survive The Walking Dead?

Date Published: 2016-02-09

By Adelia Ladson With "The Walking Dead" starting up again this weekend, I thought it would be fun to post a quiz. Rick and the crew have had a hard and long road to travel throughout the seasons and have faced many obstacle... read more

Deadpool: Psychotic Villain or Psychotic Hero

Date Published: 2016-02-04

By Adelia Ladson Any way you look at it, Marvel’s “Merc With a Mouth”, Deadpool, is absolutely psychotic. He can’t help it. The effects from the Weapon X program and his already existing mental problems make him that way. ... read more

Fixed Blade or Folder for EDC: You Decide

Date Published: 2016-02-01

By Adelia Ladson When it comes to every day carry knives (EDC), you have a plethora of options. They can be different colors, different sizes and different materials. Choosing a knife can sometimes be mind-boggling, if you d... read more

What is Your Knife Superstition?

Date Published: 2016-01-25

By Adelia Ladson Most folks are superstitious in one way or another. Some are superstitious about the things they do and wear so that their favorite sports team will continue a winning streak. Some folks are superstitious... read more

Is Georgia Trying to Take Your Guns?

Date Published: 2016-01-19

By Adelia Ladson Alright, you gun-owners in Georgia, you need to step it up! What is happening in your legislature? I caught the news the other day that a bill (HB 731) was up that would declare all automatic and semi-auto... read more

Five Places to Hide and Hoard Valuables Before SHTF

Date Published: 2016-01-15

By Adelia Ladson I use to roll my eyes at my great-aunt Edna, who was one of those people who hid her jewelry in different places around her house. I don’t know, but it just seemed kind of silly, at the time. Then, I reall... read more

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Things People Spend Their Tax Refund On

Date Published: 2015-12-30

By Adelia Ladson Okay, so you got your tax refund back and it’s absolutely burning a hole in your pocket. You know that you should use it to pay down your debt just like the financial experts say but … Here are the top ten m... read more

Five Folks Winning at Camouflage

Date Published: 2015-12-20

By Adelia Ladson Camouflage has been taken to the extreme by visual artists, resulting in some fantastic challenges for the human eye. Can you spot the person in these photos? This ain't your grandpa's camo. How ma... read more

How Mall Ninja Are You?

Date Published: 2015-12-15

By Adelia Ladson Mall Ninja: A term used in forums to mean an unexperienced and enthusiast weapon owner who pretends to be a seasoned operator. Take a good look at the definition above by Urban Dictionary. Now, look... read more

Top Ten Symptoms That You Have a Knife Addiction

Date Published: 2015-12-09

By Adelia Ladson Do you salivate when you walk by a knife case in a store and then stop mesmerized by all the awesome sharpness within? This may be a sign that you’re suffering from an addiction – a knife addiction. In stu... read more

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