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Date Published: 2022-03-14

A Tactical Backpack That Has Your Back

A Tactical Backpack That Has Your Back

By Adelia Ladson

You need to have a tactical backpack that you can count on. Whether it’s for a combat mission or for bugging-out, you need a backpack that will carry everything that you need in an easy-to-reach, organized manner.

What To Look For In A Tactical Backpack

Putting careful thought into shopping for a tactical backpack will guarantee that you purchase a high-quality bag that will have your back. When you’re looking for one, there are a few things that you need to consider. Take a look at the number of pockets it has to meet your needs and the overall size of the pack. Also consider what comfort features it has for carry.

How Many Pockets?

Like mentioned above, a tactical backpack should keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Based on what you’re using it for, consider the contents of the pack. What items do you need it to carry and is there a specific place for them? Do you need multiple pockets for smaller gear and a padded compartment for a laptop? How many large compartments do you need for bigger gear? You can find tactical backpacks out there that have a pocket for just about everything to a backpack that has only one large compartment and an inside zippered compartment.

What’s The Size Of The Backpack?

You can find large military-style rucksacks to smaller assault packs. Size and weight is an important consideration because you’re the one who will ultimately be carrying it. Especially, when you’re bugging-out, it’s critical that you’re able to move quickly and unhampered. The rule of thumb is that a person should be able to carry about 25% of their weight comfortably while hiking.

What Are The Comfort Features?

Since, as I said above, you’re the one who has to ultimately carry the tactical backpack, the comfort features it has are important. You want shoulder straps that are padded and easily adjustable. Also, you can find shoulder straps that have a chest strap, with a quick-release buckle, that connects them together, providing more support for your shoulders and back. A waist strap with a quick-release buckle will keep the backpack secure and balanced on your back. It’s important to have quick-release buckles so that the tactical backpack is easy to remove quickly, if necessary. Some packs also come with breathable, padded back panels for comfortability, especially in the heat.

Top Five Backpacks

I’ve put together a list of some really great, tactical backpacks from M48 OPS, the market leader in tactical gear. Each of these high-quality backpacks is built to last, guaranteeing you years and years of use.

M48 OPS Gear Backpack

The M48 OPS Gear Backpack is the survival and bug-out pack that you’ve been looking for. The military-style backpack will easily house all of your survival or tactical gear with an extra-large main compartment and a large secondary compartment, both with multiple inside pockets for the organization of small items. It also features two detachable side pouches and a large, detachable front utility pouch, which itself has multiple zippered pockets and MOLLE webbing. The tactical backpack has D-rings and MOLLE webbing on all sides. The back panel, shoulder straps and waist strap are padded for a comfortable fit. The pack has a heavy-duty nylon construction in a camouflage pattern and also features an emergency drag handle on top. With its multiple straps, buckles, zippers, pockets and attachment points, the M48 OPS Gear Backpack allows you to carry tons of gear efficiently.

M48 OPS All-Purpose Backpack

The M48 OPS All-Purpose Backpack will get you where you need to go with everything you need. One of the features that I really like is that it has compression straps on each side. It also has straps at the bottom to secure a bed-roll and MOLLE throughout its design. Made of 600D durable nylon, it has two deep outside pockets and one large main compartment. It has adjustable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable padded waist strap, plus, a top handle.

M48 OPS 45L Tactical Backpack

A large rucksack-style pack, the M48 OPS 45L Tactical Backpack will have you ready for any mission. The immense 45L main compartment has a drawstring top and an elastic top cover, which has quick-release buckles for easy access to gear. The backpack has a large, zippered side pocket on each side and D-rings for gear attachment. It has a 600D polyester construction with a breathable, padded mesh back and adjustable, padded shoulder straps. This tactical backpack can be carried comfortably all day.

M48 OPS Tactical Assault Backpack

A compact and tight backpack, the M48 OPS Tactical Assault Backpack makes an excellent covert ops or bug-out bag. The 28L tactical backpack has multiple pockets in a variety of sizes. The main compartment has a large mesh pocket and a zippered pocket. There’s a smaller secondary compartment and two smaller zippered pockets on the front, along with MOLLE. It’s made of 600D Oxford material and features both side and top compression straps. The tactical backpack also has D-rings for gear attachment. The back of the assault pack is padded as are the adjustable shoulder straps, which have quick-release buckles. There’s also a quick-release waist strap to keep the tactical backpack balanced and comfortable to carry.

M48 OPS Tactical Solar Panel Backpack

The M48 OPS Tactical Solar Panel Backpack is at the top of my list for all tours and daytrips including outdoor adventures and city-walking tours. Of course, the obvious selling point is the removable solar panel that lets you charge your electronic devices by plugging directly into the sun. When you’re out under the sun, simply plug your device into the USB port in the panel, drop it into the convenient zippered pouch and it will continuously charge while you’re out and about. The backpack is constructed of 600D Oxford canvas and has a large main compartment with a big mesh pocket to keep items secure, as well as, a zippered pocket. The back of the pack has adjustable, cushioned mesh shoulder straps with a chest strap and a cushioned mesh back panel. The front of the pack has a top and bottom zippered pouch with MOLLE webbing, and the pack also has a waist strap. Believe me, this backpack is versatile enough to organize and carry what you need, wherever you go!

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