Date Published: 2022-05-09

What’s A Seax?

What’s A Seax?

By Adelia Ladson

Seax Beginnings

The name of this type of knife literally translates to “knife” in Old English. The Saxons actually drew their name, as a people, from this knife. It was used by Germanic peoples following the fall of the Roman Empire and into the Early Middle Ages. It was also highly favored by the Vikings as it was well-suited for cutting tasks at sea. The seax was just an all-purpose tool and weapon that was even carried by the women of the tribes.

Seax Characteristics

The seax’s shape and size varies over the years but the most common characteristics are a tang that comes from the centerline of the blade, it has a single-edged blade, and it’s worn horizontally in a belt sheath with edge facing up. As the centuries progressed, it seemed to evolve into a broader, longer and thicker knife.

A Seax For You

Here are three excellent examples of high-quality seaxs that you can find out there. I’ve included a modern take on the traditional knife along with the historical reproductions.

Legends In Steel Viking Seax

The Legends In Steel Viking Seax is a high-quality reproduction weapon that looks impressive wherever you hang it or display it. The seax has been forged of one, solid piece of 1095 carbon steel and it has a razor-sharp blade with intricate etching. The handle has a genuine leather wrapping to provide a comfortable, slip-free grip and the pommel has a traditional Viking design. The seax comes with a leather scabbard.

Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry Maldon Seax

Designed specifically to actually be used, the Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry Maldon Seax is made from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened, battle-hardened finish. With an extra-wide tang and tempering to a low 50s RC, the pre-sharpened blade has gone through rigorous testing. It also features a thick back edge that uniquely curves down toward a straight point, providing it with slashing potential, as well as, chopping force. The guard and pommel are made of heavy-duty steel and the grip is wrapped in genuine leather in an overlaid, knotted pattern. This seax also Includes a certificate of authenticity signed by each smith that touched the blade through every step of the forging process.

Honshu Boshin Seax

Honshu is known for blending tradition and innovation to offer tactical weapons for the modern-day warrior. The Boshin Seax has a rock-solid, full-tang D2 tool steel blade that features weight-reducing thru-holes and a fuller. The textured, ergonomically contoured TPR handle is secured to the tang with heavy-duty screws and the ridges provide a secure, no-slip grip. The seax comes housed in a premium, reinforced genuine leather belt sheath, which features a paracord lanyard for lashing. Like all the swords and knives in Honshu’s Boshin line, the Boshin Seax Knife sets a new standard for both quality and value.

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