Date Published: 2022-06-20

A Steel Baton For Self-Defense

A Steel Baton For Self-Defense

By Adelia Ladson


Simply put, a baton is a striking weapon, which is one of the earliest types of weapon in history. Batons are carried by law enforcement officers worldwide and most have a collapsible design. But they’re not just reserved for law enforcement and make a highly effective addition to your own armory. As a self-defense weapon, a baton’s slimline design makes it easy to conceal and easy to carry. Here are some excellent options to consider when buying.

Night Watchman Impact Baton

At the top of my list is the Night Watchman Impact Baton because it does have the classic law enforcement design, which has been proven in the field. It deploys easily with just a flick of the wrist so that it’s ready to defend at a moment’s notice. The all-black, baton is heavy-duty steel with a rubberized, ridged handle and a rounded impact point. The baton comes in two different sizes. There's a model that extends from 8 1/2”, when closed, to 21” when deployed and a model that extends from 10”, when closed, to 26” when deployed.

Automatic Self-Defense Baton

To say the Automatic Self-Defense Baton is ready at a moment’s notice is no exaggeration! It literally shoots out with significant force with just a squeeze of the handle trigger and locks into place. The heavy-duty steel baton is 20 1/2” when extended, and the ridged handle features a ring on the pommel for adding a wrist lanyard. It retracts down to 8 1/2” to fit securely into the included leather belt sheath so that it’s ready at your side.

Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Small Collapsible Baton

You can’t get more discreet than the Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Small Collapsible Baton. It’s only 5” when it’s closed, and it comes with an elastic hand-sheath to secure it in the palm of your hand where it’s practically hidden. The baton’s small size, however, doesn’t make it any less powerful. It’s made of solid carbon steel with a heat-treated black finish, extending to 12” to deliver devastating blows against assailants. The hand-held sheath makes it especially well-suited for jogging, walking and hiking. The compact baton also has a pocket clip as another carry option.

Night Watchman Self-Defense Umbrella

I wanted to include the Night Watchman Self-Defense Umbrella on my list of recommendations as an alternative style of baton. It really does take the cake when it comes to discreet self-defense. No one would suspect what it’s capable of! It functions as a reliable umbrella and even comes with a nylon slip-cover with shoulder straps for easy carry. The grippy handle is tough, fiber-reinforced nylon and it has a rounded pommel and the umbrella’s release button. But it’s the shaft underneath the umbrella’s canopy that’s your secret self-defense weapon. Lightweight but practically indestructible, the shaft is made of a carbon fiber rod that can withstand up to 200 lbs of weight. Between the indestructible shaft and tough handle, the Self-Defense Umbrella packs quite a punch. Add to that a sharp, penetrating glassbreaker point at the end of the shaft and you’ve got the perfect self-defense weapon.

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