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Welcome To The BUDK Blog. BUDK is the largest online retailer of knives and swords in the world, with the lowest prices to boot! We also happen to like knives, swords, axes, tomahawks, guns and more. So, we're going to write lots of interesting articles about those things, and other "BUDK-ish" subjects for you to learn about here. We hope you enjoy the Blog!

Concealed Knives Are Extremely Useful

Date Published: 2015-06-01

By Adelia Ladson I find it absolutely fascinating that you can conceal a knife blade in almost any ordinary, everday object. Concealed Knives can be housed in everything from belt buckles to lipstick cases. Now, the obviou... read more

You Have to Own a 'Hobbit' Replica

Date Published: 2015-05-28

By Adelia Ladson I honestly believe that J.R.R. Tolkien, if he were here today, would be thrilled to see his wonderful odyssey come to life like it has in “The Hobbit” movies directed by Peter Jackson. Another thing, I’m su... read more

How To Choose A Survival Knife

Date Published: 2015-04-27

By Casey Tate There are tons of survival knives out there—the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly! We’ve seen them all, used most of them, and arrived at a few key features that we look for in a quality survival kni... read more

These are the Top 2015 Assisted Opening Knives

Date Published: 2015-04-20

By Adelia Ladson Exciting new assisted opening pocket knives have arrived for 2015 and these are the top five you should check out. There is one here for everyone no matter the function or aesthetic that you are looking fo... read more

Discreet Self-Defense is Important

Date Published: 2015-04-16

By Adelia Ladson As a woman, self-defense is very important to me because, in society, personal attacks on women are still more prevalent than on men. This is never going to change. The most important thing is to be ready an... read more

Bowie Knives in Film

Date Published: 2015-04-14

By Adelia Ladson Alan Ladd protrayed Jim Bowie in “The Iron Mistress.” Alan Ladd protrayed Jim Bowie in “The Iron Mistress.” First popularized by Jim Bowie in the early 19th century because he was “the bearded... read more

Creating The Hobbit Prop Replicas- Behind The Scenes

Date Published: 2015-03-16

Gandalf’s staff rendering & drawing Gandalf’s staff rendering & drawing United Cutlery has a long-standing history of creating the finest officially licensed replicas from television, video games and even motion pict... read more

Anime Swords at Budk

Date Published: 2014-11-17

Colorful graphics, intriguing story lines, relatable characters…sounds interesting, right? These are just a few reasons anime series have blown up in recent years. If you’re new to anime, you’ve probably heard words like mang... read more

Personalized Knives Make a Great Gift

Date Published: 2014-10-14

Sometimes it’s just difficult to find that perfect gift for someone. You want to give something they want, but also something they can call their own. Many people carry a knife on an everyday basis, but just buying a pocket k... read more

Best Damascus Knives of 2014

Date Published: 2014-01-09

You might be on the lookout for the best place to buy Damascus knives online, or to be more specific, you might be looking for the best place to buy “cheap Damascus knives.” Well, we like to use the term inexpensive, because ... read more

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