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A Tactical Backpack That Has Your Back

Date Published: 2022-03-14

By Adelia Ladson You need to have a tactical backpack that you can count on. Whether it’s for a combat mission or for bugging-out, you need a backpack that will carry everything that you need in an easy-to-reach, organized... read more

What’s A Machete?

Date Published: 2022-03-07

By Adelia Ladson A Brief History Of The Machete Today’s machetes have their beginnings in ancient Greece’s kopis, the falchion of the Medieval Age, the Germanic seax and the dao of Chinese tradition. The broad-bladed, heav... read more

Self-Defense Keychains Are Power In Your Palm

Date Published: 2022-02-28

By Adelia Ladson Why Do I Need A Self-Defense Keychain? With aggravated assault numbers starting to rise over the past five years, after steadily dropping for 30 years, you should be even more vigilant about your personal ... read more

Carry Everything You Need In A Tactical Vest

Date Published: 2022-02-21

By Adelia Ladson You don’t have to be in law enforcement or in the military to benefit from having a tactical vest. There are so many practical uses for them. Wear one hunting, hiking, fishing, to the gun range and to hold... read more

Top Ten Samurai Swords

Date Published: 2022-02-14

By Adelia Ladson What Is A Samurai Sword? The Samurai sword, also called a katana, is a Japanese sword used by Samurai in feudal Japan. It has a curved, single-edged blade that is slender and a square or circular tsuba (gu... read more

Hard-Hitting Tactical Gloves

Date Published: 2022-02-07

By Adelia Ladson Why Do I Need Tactical Gloves? You need a good quality pair of tactical gloves to add to your gear. When you’re on a mission, protecting your hands from cuts and scrapes, impact injuries and from environme... read more

Conceal And Carry Holsters

Date Published: 2022-01-31

By Adelia Ladson A High-Quality Holster Is Essential Having a quality holster for your pistol is essential to keep it secure, within easy reach and to protect it. When you invest money in a firearm, it would be a shame to ... read more

Seven Surefire Self-Defense Weapons

Date Published: 2022-01-24

By Adelia Ladson Why Do I Need A Self-Defense Weapon? The violent crime rate continues to rise and, with no end in sight, the chances of being a victim of a violent crime is higher then ever in today’s world. So what do yo... read more

The Truth About Switchblades

Date Published: 2022-01-19

By Adelia Ladson What Is A Switchblade? A switchblade, also known as an automatic knife, is deployed with a push button or slide button that releases the blade at warp speed. The blade’s normal position is open, so, it is ... read more

What Is A Wakizashi?

Date Published: 2022-01-12

By Adelia Ladson Starting With The Samurai The Samurai were an aristocratic warrior class that rose in Feudal Japan from the ongoing wars over land among the clans. The Samurai originated from regional clans of ancient war... read more

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