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Date Published: 2022-02-21

Carry Everything You Need In A Tactical Vest

Carry Everything You Need In A Tactical Vest

By Adelia Ladson

You don’t have to be in law enforcement or in the military to benefit from having a tactical vest. There are so many practical uses for them. Wear one hunting, hiking, fishing, to the gun range and to hold tools when you’re fixing things around the house.


I’m going to focus on MOLLE tactical vests because they’re so versatile for use even outside of the combat zone and you’ll find a ton of them on the market. You can find both new and military surplus vests out there with different organizational features in addition to the PALS. You’ll be amazed at how many essential items, whether you’re hiking or hunting, that you can carry with you with relative ease. Attach magazine pouches for easy-to-reach access to ammunition. Have a secure place for your smart phone by attaching a cell phone pouch. The possibilities are endless!

What Is MOLLE?

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is the name for load-bearing equipment like vests and backpacks that are used by many armed forces across the world. It uses a system of heavy-duty nylon webbing attached in rows with stitching at intervals to create “loops” that nylon webbing straps can be threaded through. The grid of webbing is called PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) and it has been widely adopted outside of the armed forces, as well. Now, you can find it on just about anything including vehicle organizers, gun range bags and first aid kits.


I’ve picked out four of my favorite tactical vests that have features which set them apart from others. They are a combination of law enforcement tactical and military surplus.

Mil-Tec USMC Combat Vest

The Mil-Tec USMC Combat Vest also has the webbing grid on its mesh back panel and an internal pocket for insertion of a hydration bladder. There are three ammo pouches that will hold M4/M16 magazines, and each is adjustable in height and width with wide elastic straps around the body of the pouch to retain the magazines. Mounted on the front, angled for easy access and draw with the right hand, is a universal pistol holster for short weapons like a Beretta, Glock and Walther P99. It’s fully adjustable and removable and has its own small magazine pouch. Additionally, the vest is fitted with an extra three CQB type pistol magazine pockets. There are also two inner mesh pockets with zippers, a large horizontal pouch for storage of general utilities and two D-rings over the shoulders for attachment of additional equipment. The vest is made of durable polyester mesh with side adjustment straps to allow the vest to closely contour to the body and it comes with tactical belt mounted through a number of belt loops at the bottom, plus a drag handle on the upper back.

UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

The heavy-duty webbing grid is on the back panel of the UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest and the panel also has a mesh pocket for storing a hydration bladder. Built with features that are essential to the success of any mission, the vest is capable of holding either one AK magazine, one AR308 magazine or up to two AR magazines in one of the four integrated magazine pouches. There is a detachable, right-handed cross-draw holster interchangeable with an included double rifle magazine pouch. The MOLLE vest also has large capacity left and right inside, zippered pockets and an adjustable duty belt featuring two detachable horizontal pistol magazine pouches. It has a durable and breathable 1680D polyester construction that releases moisture and heat, providing ideal ventilation. A reinforced drag handle, centered at the top of the back panel, to pull a potentially injured user to safety, completes the UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest’s mission essential features.

M48 OPS Tactical Cross-Draw Vest

Ample grid webbing, also located on the back panel like the above vests, allows for attachment of tons of equipment on the M48 OPS Tactical Cross-Draw Vest. It has multiple magazine pouches for fast reloading, a shotgun shell pouch, and a pocket for your goggles, cell phone or sunglasses. The pistol holster on the front ensures that your firearm is always within quick reach, and a strap holds it securely in place until you're ready to draw it. The MOLLE vest is made of heavy-duty 600D nylon and mesh material, which provides breathability to keep you cool, plus, it reduces the weight of the vest. An adjustable waist strap allows you to achieve a custom, comfortable fit and an emergency drag handle is incorporated into the top of the vest. Additional interior pockets allow for extra storage and organization.

Dutch Modular Vest

A simpler design, the Dutch Modular Vest is basically all grid webbing. It covers both the front and the back of the vest and there are D-rings along the bottom of the vest for attaching gear. It has zippered, slot pockets running down each front panel and there is a drag handle at the back of the neck. The versatile has a camouflage, 100-percent polyamide construction with, nylon straps and ABS quick-release buckles. It’s completely adjustable with sliding buckles and Velcro at the shoulders and elastic cord lacing at the sides. The military surplus MOLLE vest makes a great addition to your hunting, tactical or gun range gear.

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