Date Published: 2021-11-24

Got To Get A Gerber!

Got To Get A Gerber!

By Adelia Ladson

Why Do I Need A Gerber?

Alright, folks, speaking from experience, there’s nothing like a Gerber multi-tool. It’s dead useful and I’ve owned one for years. And by the way, when you own a Gerber, you’re getting a product that’s been designed and engineered in the USA. For more than 80 years, Gerber Knives has been dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and equipment. Carried by soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen alike, these products are developed intentionally to deliver task-specific or mission-essential products with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. Whether to save time, save the day, or save a life, Gerber products have delivered since 1939!

What Does Gerber Have?

With decades of innovation and dedication, Gerber Knives is the master of knives and tools that get things done. From pocket knives to fixed blade knives and a variety of other cutting tools, your choices are almost endless. I have included just a taste of the selection of products that you’ll find with this legendary American brand.

Diesel Multi-Plier

So, of course, the first on this list is going to be a multi-tool, one of Gerber’s most popular categories of products. Big and tough. Capable and versatile. The Diesel Multi-Plier is a tool that rules the road! Offering true, one-handed deployment with just a flick of your wrist, it’s the ultimate in efficiency. The industrial strength, stainless steel tools are larger than average and more rugged than normal, built for the toughest jobs. You’re getting needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, a partially-serrated knife blade, a cross point screwdriver, a file, a saw, scissors, a can opener, a bottle opener and small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers. Each one of the tools locks into place for maximum safety and security with Gerber’s Saf.T.Plus system. The Diesel Multi-Plier pulls no punches and shrinks from no task!

Lockdown Pry Multi-Tool

A different take on the multi-tool, the Lockdown Pry Multi-Tool has the ideal EDC formula: a low profile, modern aesthetics, and a mix of purposeful tools. The oxide-coated stainless steel tools that fold out of the compact, easy-to-carry package include a 2 1/2” fine edge blade, a replaceable #11 utility blade, scissors and a file with a chisel edge. The handle is aluminum, and the cast pry bar is integrated into the handle, along with a nail puller and a large and small flat head screwdriver. Whatever gets thrown at you, now you are only a pocket away from solving it with the Lockdown Pry Multi-Tool.

Exchange-A-Blade Pocket Knife

Taking the basic utility to a new level, Gerber’s Exchange-A-Blade Pocket Knife is an effective little workhorse tool. Smaller and more slim-lined than the old bulky utility knives, it has all the cutting and slicing power you need. The lightweight, stainless steel construction is solid, and it has a liner lock safety, keeping the knife sturdy and stable while you’re using it. The pocket knife employs contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can easily be replaced, and the blade screw is raised for easy opening. The Exchange-A-Blade is just over 2”, when closed, making it an easy fit in your pocket, and the pocket clip also doubles as a money clip.

Propel Downrange Automatic

When Gerber set out to design the Propel Downrange Automatic, the process was achieved through feedback from military and law enforcement personnel because it wasn’t meant to be just another automatic knife. It was built to answer the needs of the most demanding, abusive and unpredictable environments because lives would depend on it working every time. This automatic knife delivers quick, one-handed deployment of the black, oxide-coated S30V tanto blade that’s partially serrated for extra cutting power. The plunge lock and safety switch fixes the blade in place regardless of whether it’s open or closed. The desert tan, G10 handle provides a secure grip, and it has an adjustable, three-position pocket clip. The Propel Downrange Automatic provides the unshakable confidence that can only come from carrying a knife you truly believe in.

DoubleDown Folding Machete

Giving you the best of both knives, the DoubleDown Folding Machete is an innovative integration of fixed blade and pocket knife. The phenomenal folding machete folds up to half its size so that it can be easily stowed in a pack, on a belt or attached to MOLLE gear. Unlike any other outdoor tool out there, you get the functions of a knife, machete and hatchet, all in one compact package. A patent-pending, four-lock system engages in three positions to ensure safe operation under varying levels of stress like chopping, splitting and core knife work. The folding machete’s just under 7” high carbon steel, recurve blade has jimping on the spine for splitting tasks, allowing maximum energy transferred straight into the wood. The extended length of the anodized aluminum, handle optimizes force and impact whether you’re chopping brush or small trees. The butterfly opening handle offers two grip positions and choking up on it gives you complete control over the blade for core knife work. The DoubleDown’s multi-mount sheath can be attached to a belt or MOLLE webbing.

Gator Machete

The final Gerber product that you should consider is the tried and true Gator Machete. Made for use in the wilderness, as well as the backyard, it’s a dual-purpose, lightweight machete for beating back the underbrush and trailblazing. Designed for both chopping and sawing, the forged, high-carbon steel blade has a high-performance saw on one side and a fine-edged blade on the other side. The handle is covered with a Gator Grip rubberized handle for slip-free comfort and control. The textured grip give you a secure grip even in wet conditions and a nylon cord wrist lanyard provides extra security and control when using. The Gator Machete can be carried and stored in its riveted, nylon sheath.

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