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Date Published: 2022-08-08

Shark Knives: A Collectible With Teeth

Shark Knives: A Collectible With Teeth

By Adelia Ladson

Always popular with our customers a shark knife makes a great collectible that was inspired by those brave bomber pilots of WWII. The pocket knives feature the iconic shark mouth and nose artwork that was made popular by the Flying Tigers and their P-40 Warhawk fighter planes.

A Little History

The leering shark mouth was painted on the nose of fighter planes long before the Flying Tigers made it famous. It first started showing up during WWI on German reconnaissance bi-planes. The design was initially a closed mouth at first but shortly turned into a toothy sneer that was refined, by the British Royal Air Force, to the artwork that we see today. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, one of the Flying Tigers pilots, Charles Bond, saw a photo of a pair of the painted British Tomahawk planes on the cover of a news magazine. In his diary he wrote, “Gee! I want my P-40 to look like that!” And the rest, as they say, “is history.”

My Favorite Shark Knives

Here are a couple of my favorites from our inventory. They’re assisted opening pocket knives that will definitely spark conversation among your friends, family and coworkers.

Tac-Force Shark Bomb Knife

At the top of my list is the Tac-Force Shark Bomb Knife because it really does look like a vintage piece when you display it on your desktop. The assisted opening pocket knife is shaped like an aerial bomb, tailfins and all. The grey, anodized aluminum handle features authentic-looking markings, along with the ferocious, WWII shark artwork. The premium stainless steel, drop point blade is secured open with a liner lock. My favorite feature of the vintage-looking pocket knife is that it will self-stand on its tailfins on your desktop. The Tac-Force Shark Bomb Pocket Knife is definitely one for your collection!

Shark Bomber Automatic OTF Knife

The patriotic Shark Bomber Knife is an aggressive-looking, automatic OTF workhorse. The tough, aluminum handle has the historical shark artwork on an American Flag background, which is set on top of a digital camouflage background. Crosshatching makes the handle incredibly grippy and it has a glassbreaker pommel for emergency situations. The handle also has a sturdy, metal pocket clip for easy carry. The sharp blade is made of two-toned, stainless steel that can be quickly deployed and retracted with the slide trigger on the side of the handle. The automatic comes with a nylon belt sheath that has a quick-release buckle so that you have another option of carry.

Tac-Force Black Shark Bomb Knife

In black, the Tac-Force Shark Bomb Knife has a sleek and modern appeal. The toothy shark artwork really pops-off the black handle. This pocket knife has the same specs as the first knife that I listed, and it looks just as cool standing on your desktop. Having both of them makes a great vintage display and conversation starter.

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