Date Published: 2016-03-07

Six Complete Gun Fails

By Adelia Ladson

Okay, I completely believe in the right to bear arms but I wonder if some folks actually should. When you fire a gun, you need to be prepared for the recoil and you also need to realize that firing a gun is not like you see it portrayed on movies and television. A gun is not a toy, it's a weapon. There are always those few out there, though, so, here are some gun fails that were caught on video.

Speaking of movies, this guy is definitely no Clint Eastwood! You have to be a real man to shoot a gun like this.

Just in case there was any question about this, let me reiterate it for you. This is why guns and alcohol don’t mix!

This is what happens when a person tries to shoot a gun that weighs more than they do. Good night Irene.

Never lean a loaded and racked shot gun carelessly up against a wall. The mask must have lowered his IQ points.

Yep! A .50 cal rifle can knock you on your butt! Maybe she needed a seatbelt to strap herself in for the ride.

They say it’s so easy that even a monkey can do it. Who’s laughing now? Looks like the chimp chumped them!

Not a traditional gun but... here’s your bonus video!

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